About My Art

My work is a reflection of two fundamental impulses: functionality and personal influence.  Each piece is an expression of my inner being.  Whether it is mysterious, menacing, beautiful, sophisticated, or complicated, my work displays an aspect of who I am.  As I progress as an artist my work becomes more of a mirror for others to gaze into.  I never fully realize how much of myself has been put into a piece until it is completed.  I pour imagery and ideas from life, past and present, into each handcrafted creation.  My wish is for others to sympathize with what each particular piece is saying about me, as well as, about them.  Wood, combined with other mediums, is used to stimulate, intimidate, inspire, and encourage curiosity.

While outer appearance is one of my key goals, I also have a strong desire to make every design functional.  Because all of my work is functional, viewers are able to observe and unravel what they percieve to be the true meaning behind the piece.  I would like to know that my work is not just an ‘object’ to be looked at, but also a piece of art that one can actually become intimate with.