An Exhibition of Art!!

FORGET ME NOT. . .Forget Me Not...

You’re all invited…

Join me for this free, family friendly event!

Spirits and Appetizers will be served.

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It’s Been One Year…

"Fuschia"I started “doing” art full-time one year ago.I walked into the Lawrence Art Center in hopes of renting a studio and walked out with a studio and a teaching position.

Since then I have experienced great creative spurts and flittered in to creative blocks. I have had to talk myself into picking up my pencil and drawing when I just haven’t been in the ‘mood’.

Through the whole gambit of being an artist, I have pinned a motto for myself; “Keep Creating!”

Wish me luck and…


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Guess Who Has Work On Display…

"Fuschia on Display"These past few months have been crazy for me.  I have been extremely busy moving, mothering, and trying to re-organize my new home and studio.  If anyone dislikes moving as much as I do, you can relate to what I have been going through.  Among the chaos has come a great opportunity; I was asked to display some of my work.  Currently, four of my pastel pieces are on display at the newly renovated Morris Settles Township Center in Lawrence, IN.

In an effort to make art a vital part of the Lawrence community, the Morris Settles Township Center has asked the Lawrence Art Center to display a revolving collection of art within its facility.  I am honored to be one of the artists whose work will be a part of this effort. To celebrate the renovation and dedication of the Morris Settles Township Center, there will be an open house.  Please join us!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
4:00pm – 6:00pm

Morris Settles Township Center
4455 Mc Coy Street
Lawrence, IN  46226

*Cake and Refreshments will be provided
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A New Year Full of New Opportunities

"Orange Blossom"Resolutions, goals, and opportunities… 2012 is full of all of these optimistic things.  I am beyond excited about the prospect of things ‘new’ to come this year.  I am in the process of plotting points and deadlines on my calendar, setting goals, and believing in blessings to come this year. 

I’m still on my journey.  There are more twists, turns, and detours that I have to endure; but I’m ready to accept the challenge.

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Under My Belt

Artique – Winter Art Fair is complete.  One art fair under my belt.  I saw a lot, I learned a lot, and now I am ready to do more…after I relax for a while.  I truly did not realize how much time and effort goes into preparing for a fair.  The work, the set-up, trying to draw prospective customers into your booth, and then the tear down are all a huge part of the day.

Now it is time for me to rest, relax, and regroup so that I can make more masterpieces!

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Less Than Two Weeks…

"In Full Bloom"In less than two weeks, I will be participating in my very first Art Fair – ARTIQUE.  I am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed!  So much to do…so little time left to do them.

Stop by Booth # 32 to check out my work and see what all my nervous, excited energy was poured into!

ARTIQUE – Winter Art Fair                                                                                                    Saturday, November 19th                                                                                                                   10 am – 5 pm                                                                                                                              Benjamin Harrison YMCA                                                                                                             5736 Lee Road, Indianapolis, IN

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Embarking on New Experiences

I decided to venture into the world of Art Fairs.  I have been to several art fairs in the Indianapolis area as a guest, an art enthusiast, and as someone trying to pull others into the wonderful world of ART!

My husband, Eric, is by far my BIGGEST supporter.  From the moment I met him 3 1/2 years ago, he has constantly encouraged me to pursue my passion as an artist.  He has believed in me when my faith in myself has wavered.  Naturally, he is the person that accompanies me to various art fairs and functions.  Eric is the one who constantly listens as I bounce ideas around about all of the wonderful things I plan to create.  My awesome husband is also the person whispering in my ear, “Look at that painting.  You could do one WAAAAY better than that!!” and “If they can sell that, you can DEFINITELY sell your work!”

So here I am.  It is now my turn to embark on a new experience.  I will be attending ARTIQUE – Winter Art Fair.  I will not be there as  a guest or an enthusiast this time around.  I will be there as a selling artist!!

"Artique 2011"Saturday, November 19th               Benjamin Harrison YMCA                              5436 Lee Rd.,  Indianapolis, IN

Visit Me in Booth #32!!

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