Just the Beginning

"Eve"Welcome to SLP. Kirkland Designs!  My name is Shakita Kirkland and I , like many other artists before me, have decided to pursue my TRUE passion and be a full-time artist.

My journey here has not been a simple one.  I often joke that if there is an ‘Easy Street’ in life, I’ve never been on it.  I put aside my thirst to create years ago to work in the ‘real’ world.  Although I was still creating art in my free time, it was not the scale of work that I was used to producing as an art student.  I longed for the days when I could design and then create beautiful pieces.  The days when I could be around people who loved and respected art just as much as I did.  Three months ago, the opportunity presented itself.

While a guest at the Stutz Art Show, I was given some information about a new art center that had just opened not far from where I live.  The Lawrence Art Center was offering affordable art classes and looking for two specific things: someone to rent studio space and teaching artists.  I eagerly called to inquire about both!  It seemed like fate had stepped in and was guiding me in the right direction.

So here I am!  A studio tenant and a teaching artist at the Lawrence Art Center.  This is a new and exciting journey that I have started.  I know there will be bumps, detours, and forks in the road but I’m ready to roll!

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