Embarking on New Experiences

I decided to venture into the world of Art Fairs.  I have been to several art fairs in the Indianapolis area as a guest, an art enthusiast, and as someone trying to pull others into the wonderful world of ART!

My husband, Eric, is by far my BIGGEST supporter.  From the moment I met him 3 1/2 years ago, he has constantly encouraged me to pursue my passion as an artist.  He has believed in me when my faith in myself has wavered.  Naturally, he is the person that accompanies me to various art fairs and functions.  Eric is the one who constantly listens as I bounce ideas around about all of the wonderful things I plan to create.  My awesome husband is also the person whispering in my ear, “Look at that painting.  You could do one WAAAAY better than that!!” and “If they can sell that, you can DEFINITELY sell your work!”

So here I am.  It is now my turn to embark on a new experience.  I will be attending ARTIQUE – Winter Art Fair.  I will not be there as  a guest or an enthusiast this time around.  I will be there as a selling artist!!

"Artique 2011"Saturday, November 19th               Benjamin Harrison YMCA                              5436 Lee Rd.,  Indianapolis, IN

Visit Me in Booth #32!!

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